Trophy Hunting

Ethical hunting on foot!

Increasingly, game proof fences restrict the natural migration of game in Namibia. It is no longer exceptional to find 15 or more different large game species in a certain hunting area. Hunting trips become shorter, the number of trophies taken increases. Trophy hunting has turned into 7-day flat-rate tourism without any major surprises.

Okaturua Hunting

…but STOP…
An African hunting trip should not merely be about the number of trophies taken, it should be a unique experience.

Not only does Namibia offer breathtaking sunsets, but also numerous other experiences to be savoured hands-on in the bush.

Hunting Areas
in Namibia

Big Game Hunting

Zambia & Uganda


Trophy hunting in Zambia is conducted in huge concession areas (> 4000 km2), all of which have boundaries in common with Zambian national parks. Thus here is the opportunity to hunt a variety of African game animals in their natural habitat. Here you may realize your dream of hunting big game such as elephant, buffalo, hippo, lion, crocodile and leopard.



Many hunters probably are not aware that big game hunting is possible in Uganda. Hunting is carried out in concession areas only and as from 2001 has been subject to legal regulations. Buffalo occur in large numbers and therefore a buffalo hunt should be the starting point of a big game hunt in Uganda.